With an incredible 2024-2025 cruise schedule, the best cruise deals and a fleet of award-winning ships all over the world, there’s no place too far for you to go. Explore further and dive deep into your surroundings with otherworldly destinations, extended stays and exclusive experiences found nowhere else on Earth. From charming small fishing villages nestled along snow-capped mountains to ancient history, local legends and rejuvenating tropical getaways. Relax on a secluded beach in The Bahamas, go wild in Skagway or stroll through ancient history in Santorini, wherever you go, make your journey easier than ever with Norwegian Cruise Line.


Caribbean 2024-2025 Cruises

The Caribbean

Cue the calypso music and set sail to The Caribbean, where crystal clear waters and sunny skies await on your Caribbean cruise.

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Europe 2024-2025 Cruises


Find European cruises that let you stroll southern Italy and Greece or dive into thrilling history and adventures.

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Alaska 2024-2025 Cruises


Take an Alaskan Glacier cruise that lets you witness majestic glaciers from the comfort of your balcony.

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Bermuda 2024-2025 Cruises


One of the top summer cruises to take, build pink sandcastles on the beach or play 18-holes on world-class golf courses.

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Hawaii 2024-2025 Cruises


Only Norwegian lets you visit four islands in seven days, which means you're on an island each and every day of our Hawaii cruises.

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Bahamas 2024-2025 Cruises


All our travel itineraries feature a whole day visit to Great Stirrup Cay; an idyllic island paradise reserved only for our guests.

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Mexican Riviera 2024-2025 Cruises

Mexican Riviera

Recline on the beach or get active in the Mexican Riviera with kayaking, zip lining, scuba diving and much more.

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Canada & New England 2024-2025 Cruises

Canada & New England

Enjoy breathtaking scenic views of autumn leaves, go whale watching in Canada or savor a classic New England lobster bake.

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Panama Canal 2024-2025 Cruises

Panama Canal

Traverse the 40-mile Panama Canal, enjoy a bird's-eye view of Puerto Limón plus more incredible stops along the way.

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Asia 2024-2025 Cruises


Feel the energy of Hong Kong’s bustling city, stand before the skyscrapers in Dubai, or travel to tiny villages in Indonesia.

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South America 2024-2025 Cruises

South America

Choose from distinct South American cruise itineraries that will take you places far beyond your imagination.

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Australia & New Zealand 2024-2025 Cruises

Australia & New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand, discovery awaits you at every turn, from wildlife and sea life to urban life and everything in between.

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Extraordinary Journeys 2024-2025 Cruises

Extraordinary Journeys

Enjoy exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences immersed into the life and culture of the destinations you’re visiting.

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Transatlantic 2024-2025 Cruises

Transatlantic Cruises

Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility only Norwegian can offer on one of our restorative Transatlantic cruises.

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Weekend 2024-2025 Cruises

Weekend Cruises

Leave all your cares on land and slip away for a weekend cruise where you can dine, dance, kick back and relax.

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