Fort de France


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Fort de France, Martinique

As the capital of Martinique, Fort-de-France is known for its historic sites, colonial architecture and access to lush forests and scenic beaches. Visit the imposing Fort Saint Louis and tour the historic S. Louis Cathedral, which has been rebuilt multiple times due to destruction caused by natural disasters. Then browse upscale boutiques and savor delicious cuisine and island-made rum at a local restaurant. Or travel outside the city to lounge on the warm sands of a picturesque beach or enjoy a tropical adventure among the nearby mountains and canyon.


  • Port Name & Location
    Fort-de-France, Martinique Port
  • Time Zone
    Atlantic Standard Time
  • Language
    French “Bonjour” means hello while “s'il vous plait” means please. To ask how much something is, say “c'est combien?”
  • Currency & Shopping
    Euro Shop for local rum, locally-made jewelry and other souvenirs at a wide range of boutique shops lining Rue Victor Hugo.
    • Famous For
      History, culture and magnificent natural landscapes intertwine to offer a wide range of superb attractions for tourists.
    • Important
      Pickpocketing does sometimes occur in busy sections of Fort de France, so be aware of your belongings and surrounding while touring the city.
    • Fun Fact #1
      The history of Bibliothèque Schœlcher is as impressive as is its architecture. Built by Victor Schœlcher in the late 19th century to house his 10,000 books, his motivation was to create a private library to help educate former slaves. Much of the awe-inspiring architecture that you’ll see during a tour was created in Paris and then shipped to the island
    • Fun Fact #2
      For a thrilling outdoor adventure, spend the day exploring the beautiful Canyon de ‘Alma where you can repel into ravines and along waterfalls and swim in natural pools against the backdrop of a lush tropical forest
      • Fun Fact: Foodies
        Martinique dishes are a fusion of French, South Asian and African cuisines. Sample Accra, a local staple and is made of fried salt fish mixed with a variety of spices, along with a glass of Ti Punch, which consists of rum mixed with cane juice and lime.
      • Tip
        After your lounge on the beach, pick up authentic crafts made by local artisans in Fort-de-France before heading home.
      • Fun Fact: Landmarks
        Step into the past while touring the 18th century Habitation Clément and surrounding estate. Learn about the island’s history in the rum industry at the old rum distillery that’s now a museum and wander among the colorful botanical garden
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