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Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter, Beach Day & Snorkel

Nassau, Bahamas

Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter, Beach Day & Snorkel


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Cruise to Blue Lagoon Island on a sleek double-decker ferry for an up-close encounter with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins at an American Humane-certified facility. Upon arriving at the island, which is also known as Salt Cay, you will first learn about the characteristics and behavior of dolphins, such as how they communicate and use echolocation to hunt prey. Once in the water, you will stand on a waist-deep submerged platform that allows easy access to these highly intelligent marine mammals. A trainer will be on hand to recommend the best ways to interact with and touch the dolphins. You can expect an unforgettable experience as dolphins are naturally curious and social. During the two hours or so of beach time that follows, you might settle into a lounge chair and bask in the sun, take a refreshing swim, and snorkel in the turquoise sea. There are also shops in the Bahamian village nearby.

Need to Know:

Note: Participants ages 3 or younger receive free admission if accompanied in the program by a participating paying adult (parent or guardian at least 18 years of age). Children between the ages of 3 to 12 must be accompanied in the water by a paying guardian/parent. The paying guardian/parent must be book at the same time of the child participant. Actual in-water encounter time is approximately 10-15 minutes. In water program time may happen before or after beach time. Approximately 1/2 to 1 mile of walking on the pier is required. Wear your swimsuit and bring a towel from your ship. Space is very limited so please book early. Blue Lagoon Island is cashless and accepts only Visa, Master and Discover Cards. American Express Cards are not accepted.

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