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Sleeping Tips for First Time Cruisers

We all know the first night away in a new bed can sometimes be a bit challenging. But let me say this: my best nights of sleep ever have been on a cruise. I think it might have something to do with the perceived gentle rocking of the ship that lulls me to sleep, or maybe it's the amazingly comfortable beds. If you're wondering how you'll sleep on a cruise, follow my Sleeping Tips for First Time Cruisers, and it'll be smooth sailing all the way.

5 Sleeping Tips for First Time Cruisers

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  1. Keep Your Routine the Same

Familiarity is your friend. If you can keep a similar sleeping routine as you would at home, it will help your body and mind adjust to its’ new surroundings. Try to go to bed and wake up at your usual times, and to keep your beauty regimen and personal hygiene routine the same as at home.

  1. Choose Your Stateroom Wisely

If you're used to a dark room, close the curtains tightly and consider cruising in an Inside Cabin, one of the best values on the ship. Balcony Staterooms offer fantastic views but they also tend to let in a lot of light. However, if you like to nap in the daytime, what could be more relaxing than napping on your private balcony? And it's wonderful to listen to the ocean waves at night through your open balcony door!

It's also important to consider the size of your stateroom in relation to those who may be late night partiers, especially if you're not, as they could easily wake you up upon their return. If you have questions on choosing your cabin, read: How to Pick Your Perfect Stateroom.

  1. Bring a Few Things from Home

Comforting items from home could include your cozy PJ's, a sleeping mask, and soothing hand lotion, along with a great book or your journal to jot down the highlights of your cruise adventure. It's important for some people to sleep with their own pillow, so if this will make you feel more at home, go for it! And, if you'd like some extra pillows or blankets, your Cabin Steward will be more than happy to comply.

  1. Do Not Disturb

Take advantage of the "do not disturb" placard or button so you're able to sleep peacefully until you want to wake up. And since you're on vacation, why bother setting the alarm at all during your days at sea?

  1. Do Get Tired, But Not Overtired

There's nothing worse than trying to go to sleep if you're not tired, so take advantage of the opportunities your ship and shore excursions have to offer. Embark on a new adventure, soak up the sea views while working out at the fitness center, or stroll along the Waterfront.

The same goes for being overtired, so keep your limitations in mind. Try not to overeat, as this could contribute to digestion/sleeping problems, and make sure you've used your sunblock - irritating sunburn won't help your sleep either!