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The Best Time to Cruise to The Caribbean

Contrary to popular knowledge, The Caribbean is not simply one island. The Caribbean is a group of more than 7,000 different islands and 26 different countries. From pirate hideouts to mountain peaks, Cruising The Caribbean offers a range of experiences for travelers. 

Although significant contrasts in culture and geography exist among the different countries in The Caribbean, the one feature that all these islands have in common is the weather. Thanks to reliable sunny, warm weather for many of the months out of the year, The Caribbean is a great year-round cruise destination. This fact means that the best time to cruise to The Caribbean depends on personal preference. Explore the following guide to help you choose the best time for your Caribbean cruise

Caribbean Weather January Through March 

From January through March, The Caribbean has near perfect weather for all types of activities. The weather provides a nice contrast to the blustery winter temperatures that dominate much of the United States during these months. Temperatures are in the low 70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit in most places in The Caribbean. These months are also the beginning of the dry season, so you can expect abundant sunshine throughout the day. Plus, the weather conditions are neither too hot nor too humid. You couldn't ask for better weather for a cruise vacation. 

Aside from the great weather, low pricing is another reason to choose a Caribbean cruise during these months. You'll find abundant cruise deals from January to early March. 

Cruising the Caribbean April Through May 

April and May are also wonderful months to cruise if you are looking for a great deal on a Caribbean cruise. You'll discover plenty of bargains from mid-April until the end of May. Another plus is the fact that fewer crowds exist during these months. 

The weather is also still great during the months of both April and May. Highs tend to be in the 80s to low 90s, which means that the water temperature is ideal for activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming. Nature lovers will also enjoy cruising to The Caribbean during April and May. You'll find abundant opportunities to see tropical fish, flamingoes, and turtles during this time of year. 

Caribbean Vacations June Through August 

The months of June through August are a great time to plan a family cruise to The Caribbean. Many families take advantage of these months when school is out to enjoy summer break and see the world. Families can discover plenty of activities for them in The Caribbean. You can explore the ancient Tulum ruins and learn about the ancient Mayan city that overlooks the sea. This experience provides a great learning opportunity for kids of all ages. Take an adventure catamaran tour and snorkel among the marine life that occupies a shipwreck below the sea. Since the Caribbean Sea averages about 81 degrees during May and June, this time of year is great for water activities as well. 

Norwegian offers plenty of activities for kids on board the many ships. Sail on the Norwegian Bliss, the newest ship in the fleet, and everyone in the family will enjoy a nonstop fun day and night. The Entourage Teens Club gives older teens the chance to meet friends, dance, and play video games. Younger kids will have a blast at Splash Academy where they can play sports and participate in supervised themed activities. This opportunity leaves mom and dad free to enjoy all that the Norwegian Bliss has to offer, from relaxing spa treatments to excitement at the award-winning casino. 

Sailing The Caribbean September Through December 

Cruise to Harvest Caye with Norwegian

September through mid-December is the best time of the year to cruise to The Caribbean for budget-conscious travelers. Plus, taking a warm weather vacation is a great way to beat the winter doldrums. Prices are higher around Christmas break, but if you cruise before that time, you can score some great prices on cruises all throughout The Caribbean from the Dominican Republic to St. Georges in Grenada

Although cruises around the holidays tend to be more expensive, they provide excellent opportunities to enjoy holiday festivities away from home. Instead of spending your winter break shoveling snow, why not enjoy a week or two at sea sipping margaritas poolside? If you do plan to cruise over the holiday break in December, make sure that you book your cruise early. Booking early will ensure that you get your pick of the best stateroom categories on the ship. It will also provide you with the best prices on holiday cruises. Make sure you also reserve specialty restaurants and shore excursions early, too. 

Temperatures in The Caribbean during the fall usually stay within the mid-70s to 80s range. Although the rainy season occurs in The Caribbean during the fall, the rain often lasts a short time. Sometimes within minutes, the rain passes, and blue skies return. Ocean temperatures are in the 80s, which is still ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and boating. 

While September through November marks hurricane season, Norwegian cruise ships are prepared to sail away from storms. Make sure you book cruise insurance to be on the safe side. Cruise insurance protects you in the case of unforeseen events such as hurricanes so that you can enjoy your cruise without worrying about anything. 

Choose your best time to book your cruise and reserve your vacation to The Caribbean today. Pick from Norwegian many cruise ships that sail to The Caribbean. The Norwegian Cruise Line website allows you to easily reserve your onboard activities, shore excursions, and more in one convenient place. Discover why Norwegian has been The Caribbean's Leading Cruise Line for six consecutive years.