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Cruising to Bermuda: What to Expect Year Round

Are you considering a cruise to Bermuda? With crystal clear waters, pink sand beaches, great food, outdoor sports, and festive celebrations, it makes for a dream destination for any traveler. If you’ve got Bermuda on your mind, you’ll be happy to learn that the island offers amazing experiences during every time of year, including the winter months. The best time to cruise to Bermuda, however, depends on what you want to do during your Bermuda cruise vacation and how you’d like the weather to be.

The busiest tourist months in Bermuda are from May to October. This is when you’ll see the biggest crowds, but you can also expect the widest availability of attractions, bars, and restaurants as well as some of the warmest weather. The temperature in Bermuda dips throughout the rest of the year, but this may not be a bad thing for every traveler. People have different reasons for wanting to visit The Rock, so here’s a breakdown of what you can expect throughout the whole year on a Bermuda cruise.

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Bermuda Weather in April

April is the first of the warm months in Bermuda and is also usually the first month of the year that cruise ships travel to the Bermuda islands. Temperatures typically stay in the 60s with the highs around 70 degrees and the lows dipping to around 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Travelers to Bermuda in April may want to pack a light jacket for the cooler times of day but can expect to enjoy up to eight hours of sunny, clear skies. Scuba diving and snorkeling are highlights for this month thanks to the water’s visibility of up to 200 feet, but the water is too cold for most divers without the help of a wetsuit. Click here to explore cruises embarking for Bermuda from April to November and experience the best way to travel to a tropical island.

Bermuda Weather in May

May is perhaps the best time to cruise to Bermuda for several reasons. It marks the beginning of summer and is the first of the peak travel months that feature the most tourist attractions. High temperatures during this month average at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and don’t go much lower than 68 degrees during the nights and early mornings. Rainfall is also at its lowest for the year and skies are sunny and clear, making the weather perfect for outdoor exploring and water activities. May is also the warmest month that falls outside of the official hurricane season, which starts in June and lasts until November. Finally, if you’re there during the month of May, you might be able to catch the festive Bermuda day parade on the 24th.  

Bermuda Weather from June to September

The months from June through September fall in the official hurricane season, but it doesn’t mean that travelers should avoid Bermuda altogether during this time. Hurricanes and major storms don’t pass through the islands often, and most summer vacationers in Bermuda don’t experience these weather hazards. Although Bermuda is generally well prepared and equipped to handle hurricanes should they pass through the islands, travelers need to be aware of the possibility of encountering a hurricane. Aside from the slight storm risk, the weather during these months is very warm and pleasant, reaching from the low to mid-80s.

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The water is warm in Bermuda from June to September and is optimal for swimming and snorkeling. July also offers nine hours of sunshine for outdoor and water sports, which is the longest of the entire year. August is often regarded as the hottest month, but September cools down slightly while still affording great temperatures for spending time in the water. Travelers to Bermuda can experience the Harbour Nights street festival every Wednesday during these months which features dancing, art, food, and colorful costumes.

Bermuda Weather in October

October is the last month of the busy season and the second to last month of hurricane season. Temperatures begin to dip down during October but still remain optimal for water sports. Snorkelers and scuba divers will especially love the water conditions with the relatively high visibility of up to 120 feet and warm water temperatures averaging in the high 70s. On land, the temperatures fluctuate between 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the low 70s, making it much more pleasant for hiking than some of the summer months. The humidity also falls and makes the heat more bearable for those who don’t fare well in humid weather.

Bermuda Weather in November

November in Bermuda is warm, and temperatures can reach the mid-70s and dip into the high 60s at night and during the early mornings. While the water may be too cold for some, it provides good visibility and offers great experiences for snorkelers and scuba divers in wetsuits. It’s also the last month of the hurricane season, but the chance of encountering this tropical storm during November is slim. Unlike other cruise lines, Norwegian offers cruises to Bermuda during November for those who prefer cooler temperatures and want to get away from large crowds.

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Have you cruised to Bermuda? What’s your favorite time to visit?