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Mandara Spa on Norwegian Prima

Norwegian Prima is one of the most luxurious ships to enter the cruise market in years. One element that makes this gorgeous ship so unique is its Mandara Spa and Thermal Suite. While guests love the amazing treatments like facials, massages, our hair salon and more, the Thermal Suite is a special area that can be enjoyed every day with a spa pass.

If you’ve ever been to a hot and cold spa or tried contrast therapy, you’ll likely know what experiences to expect in the Thermal Suite. But the serenity and utter opulence of the space are beyond expectation. The low lighting, the black and white marble, the oak seating, the brass finishes and the commissioned sculptures all come together to create a truly magnificent place.

From the detoxifying charcoal to aromatherapy showers to the floating salt pools, you may not know where to begin! Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of your time here.

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Tips Before You Begin:

  • Prepare to spend several hours at a time here—if not more! You’ll want to take your time relishing each of the experiences and even go back for more.
  • This full experience will help you detoxify in every way (including the Pineapple Surplus cocktails you had the night before!) So, be sure to hydrate before and after your visit. The spa has a refreshment area that provides fruit-infused water, ice water and hot tea, so take advantage as much as you can.
  • Want to get the most benefit from each room? Try alternating sauna time with the Ice Room or Experiential Shower. This allows your body to cool down, which prepares you for each sauna's unique benefits. The heated saunas provide a thermotherapeutic action that helps eliminate toxins while providing relaxation. The colder experiences are reinvigorating and increase body circulation. Some experts even believe the cold therapy is beneficial for reducing inflammation as well.
  • Bring a book or simply relax after your experiential spa journey, and take in the stunning, 270-degree views in the heated loungers. There are also lounges at the Thalassotherapy Pool — more on that later!


Thermal Lounge on Norwegian Prima
Thermal Lounge on Norwegian Prima

Walking You Through the Experiential Spa Journey

We recommend starting your journey in the Aromatic Steam Bath. Upon entering, the steam envelopes your whole being with warmth. Inhale and feel the benefits of the stimulating herbal essences as the aromatics lift your mood. It’s equally soothing and invigorating!

After you’ve warmed up, it’s time to really get your blood circulating with The Experiential Shower. Step inside this remarkable black marble shower and get ready for the warm and cool water streams to alternate down on your body while soothing colors glow and change around you. There are even side showers that activate once the overhead shower stops. The water does get quite chilly, but that is where the most health benefits arise, so stick with it!

For an especially detoxifying and relaxing experience, head to the Charcoal Spa. Charcoal has been used for thousands of years for its detoxifying properties. Recline into relaxation as this sauna helps boost your circulatory system and your metabolism while removing toxins from your body.

Charcoal Sauna Mandara Spa
Charcoal Sauna Mandara Spa

After another Experiential Shower, the Finnish Sauna will certainly warm you back up! The dry heat and low humidity is a stark contrast to the Aromatic Steam Bath. Have a seat on the oak benches and set the hourglass on the wall to 15 minutes for the full benefit.

Another unique feature is the Salt Room, which is lined with pink Himalayan salt. Salt-therapy is a natural, non-invasive treatment that may help alleviate respiratory issues, allergies and skin irritations. It may also strengthen the immune system and accelerate the metabolism. Plus, it’s soothing and beautiful.

The last hot sauna on the journey is the Infrared Sauna. This sauna utilizes infrared lamps to warm the body at a lower temperature. The relaxation, muscle and joint relief, improved circulation and detoxification from the Infrared Spa may lead to an extra restful sleep at night.

Salt Room Mandara Spa
Salt Room Mandara Spa

And finally, we come to the Ice Room. Surely, you’ve seen every celebrity and athlete incorporating ice into their self-care rituals. This unique and refreshing space is chilled to a temperature of 50-54 degrees F (10-12 C). Have a seat on the cool white marble as the crisp air helps to increase blood circulation, awaken the senses, invigorate the respiratory tract, and strengthen the immune system. You may even want to rub ice from the brass bowl along your limbs to increase the therapeutic effects.

Outside of the Experiential Spa space live two relaxing pools – these are not to be missed! The first is based on Thalassotherapy - a Greek term for the ancient use of seawater as a form of therapy. This salt pool is warm and inviting – you can float your worries away as the saltwater infuses trace minerals into your skin. The second is the larger, vitality pool. Take a dip and let the massaging jets relieve built-up stress and tension while you enjoy the two-story waterfall featured in this magical space.

Mandara Spa Pool
Mandara Spa Pool

And, of course, you’ll have to finish your journey in the gorgeous, sprawling relaxation lounge. Floor-to-ceiling windows light up the space filled with heated loungers, cushioned beds, and padded chairs. Stare at the ocean as you read a book, whisper to a friend, or drift off to sleep. You may never want to leave.

After you’ve indulged in this journey, you’ll want to immediately return. Feel free to do it all again and again. Warm (and cool) those muscles after adventurous days on land, then reinvigorate yourself for another night of Pineapple Surplus cocktails! Finally, make sure you sign up for emails to receive information on our latest cruise deals and special offers.