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A Family Cruise Vacation is the Ideal Getaway This Summer: Here's Why

Summer is coming around again, and that means planning the family vacation. What could possibly please everyone in the family? Some love the beach, some love history, some just want to lay around the pool. Vacation destinations are a tough one to decide and to agree on, even at the best of times.

So why not choose the kind of vacation that provides anything and everything their hearts could desire? Imagine their excitement at being told: this summer, we're going on a cruise! There are already several reasons a cruise vacation is special. But why choose it for a family vacation this summer? Here are a few reasons that your family will be clamoring for a cruise vacation.

1. Multiple Exotic Cruise Destinations

If you tried to visit multiple places, or even countries, on most vacations, your wallet would be weeping. A cruise is one of the most cost-effective vacations on the planet. Don't like today's port of call? Don't worry, there's always tomorrow and a different place to explore. Each family member may have a different favorite destination. There's nothing like waking up each day to a new horizon. Nights beneath a spilled-salt sky of stars, while the moon rises over a volcanic Mediterranean island, are the kinds of experiences even seasoned sailors will never forget.

2. Dining as a Family

Sometimes kids like to wiggle around a lot, so it's not always fair to inflict formal night on them. That's where Norwegian comes in. Freestyle dining means you can eat at your own pace, out on the deck, and enjoy all kinds of kid-friendly favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs. It also gives them a chance to run and bounce off that extra energy. Dining with Norwegian means you can dress up or dress down and enjoy your meals anywhere, and anytime, you like.

3. Outdoor Family Activities

Norwegian has tons of outdoor activities for kids of all ages. Depending on the ship, there are surf machines where you can learn to catch a wave, climbing walls to terrify yourself while hanging hundreds of feet above the sea, and even water slides. If you're looking for a chilled-out time, there's always poolside, where you can relax in a sun lounger or take a dip in the pool. Or the kids can splash you while you're lying around! There's always fun to be had on Norwegian.

4. Kid Stuff on Board

Let's face it, kids like their time away from grownups. Didn't you, when you were a kid? Help foster their independence by sending them to the Splash Academy, where younger kids can learn crafts and performance – including circus tricks! Teenagers will be thrilled with the nightclubs designed just for them and other activities appropriate for their age group. Since we also know that grownups like their time away from the kids, drop them off at Late Night Fun Zone, which is open until 1:30 a.m., giving kids and parents alike an opportunity to do their own thing.

5. Excursions for the Whole Family

Norwegian offers excursions for the entire family, all over the world. From swimming with pigs in the Bahamas to ziplining in Alaska, there's bound to be something for everyone. Walking tours of the city, and even a private gourmet meal on the beach for all the romantics out there, will appeal to those wanting to spend a little alone time together while the kids play onboard the ship in one of Norwegian's many youth programs. There are tons of excursions that cater to families and to the kids in various ports around the world.

Check the cruise you're interested in to find a list of excursions available. You'll find that something appeals to everyone in your family. Then you can let your different interests become shared ones as you all learn more about each other while enjoying the excursions each family member has chosen. It's a great way to become closer as a family.

6. Cruising Equals Family Fun

When the family comes together, there are countless opportunities to hang out and engage in activities, both on board and in port. Spend the day exploring an ancient city together like the adventurers of old. The kids can try out new and weird foods, even the finicky eaters! For dinner, you can enjoy Freestyle Dining, which is available anywhere and everywhere on the ship, and includes child-friendly foods like pizza, burgers, and hot dogs.

On different ships, there are rock climbing walls, surf machines, and even water slides for the daring among you. Enjoying a meal together in the formal dining room or one of the specialty restaurants onboard will have an air of celebration around it, which will be doubly fun if someone in the family has a birthday onboard.

Whether you decide on a European cruise so you can travel through history, or the exotic ports of Southeast Asia, or the vibrant nations of Latin America, a summer cruise will be an adventure to remember. The kids will love the chance to be independent and make new friends, while you'll love the peace and quiet available as you lounge on the deck chairs overlooking the sea. Or you can take off on a wild adventure together, a family of explorers discovering ports hitherto unknown. Whatever your ideal vacation looks like, you'll find it onboard Norwegian.

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