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Are you planning a cruise to the Bahamas with Norwegian? Deciding what to wear can be daunting if you've never been on a cruise vacation before. The dress code onboard is resort casual, and mandatory formal nights don't exist. However, that doesn't mean you can't dress up if you want!

Weather in the Bahamas fluctuates depending on the season of the year you're cruising. In general, expect temperatures between 77° and 90° Fahrenheit. December through February are usually cool-weather months, with July and August bringing the highest temperatures. The Bahamas is affected by the Atlantic hurricane season, which typically runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. Consider bringing a light rain jacket, especially when traveling during the wet season.

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Cruise Casual Attire Onboard

The idea behind Norwegian's freedom and flexibility is the ability to dress as nice or casual as you want! You'll be able to don cruise casual in the buffet and regular specialty restaurants. It's best to bring clothing you can layer. You may have warm temperatures during the day, but it may cool down some in the evening. Not to mention, the air conditioning onboard might have you wearing a sweater or light jacket anyway.

Examples of cruise casual attire include:

  • Casual dresses.
  • Sundresses.
  • Pants or capri pants.
  • Jeans.
  • Khakis.
  • Shorts or skirts.
  • Jeans.
  • Tops.
  • Casual shirts.
  • Sneakers.

If you plan to dine at the buffet or one of the outdoor restaurants, you can wear swimwear, but you must have a coverup and footwear.

Beach Wear
Relax on the beach.

Shore Excursion Attire in the Bahamas

Your shore excursion attire can vary depending on what activities you are booking. You'll want to bring a bathing suit and pool coverup, especially for Norwegian's cruises to the Bahamas which include a stop at Great Stirrup Cay. Check with the specific shore excursion for more information.

Consider closed-toe shoes for some adventures and comfortable walking shoes. You'll also want beach shoes for Great Stirrup Cay.

Upscale Specialty Restaurants

Follow the smart casual recommendations for nights in the more formal dining room or upscale specialty restaurants. Recommendations include the following:

  • Dresses.
  • Slacks.
  • Pants or capri pants.
  • Collared shirts.
  • Polo shirts.
  • Nice jeans.
  • Skirts with blouses.
  • Sandals or heels.
  • Closed-toe shoes.

Some cruise passengers wear suit jackets or blazers and ties in the upscale specialty restaurants or on the "optional formal" night. Opt for a long-sleeve dress shirt instead if you don't want to pack a heavy suit jacket.

If you are traveling with children 12 and younger, they can wear nice shorts in any of the restaurants.

What Isn't Allowed in Restaurants

We understand that you want to be as comfortable as possible while onboard. However, some types of clothing aren't allowed in our dining rooms and specialty restaurants. Example include:

  • Tank tops for men.
  • Baseball caps.
  • Swimwear.
  • Flip flops.
  • Visors.

Passengers need to avoid overly faded jeans, ones with holes and tears, and styles worn below the hips. If you prefer to stay in casual beachwear attire in the evenings, it is best to stick to the buffet and outdoor casual dining venues.

Casual Wear
Glam it up for Norwegian Themed Night with your best casual or formal wear.

Themed Night Attire

Depending on the length of your Bahamas cruise, you might have one or more themed nights. What you want to pack will depend on which theme nights you have. The White Hot Party is Norwegian's signature event. You'll want to pack an all-white outfit and bring a few neon accessories. The party is outdoors, so consider layering if the night is chilly.

Even though Norwegian doesn't require formal attire, you can still glam up if you want. Norwegian's Night Out is a perfect time too. This event is Norwegian's answer to a formal night and your chance to meet the captain. It's also an excellent opportunity to have a portrait session with a ship photographer.

Tips for Packing Light on a Bahamas Cruise

Packing light can be challenging, especially on an extended cruise. It's best to look for lightweight clothes you can mix and match. Don't skimp on the bathing suits or swim trunks for a Bahamas cruise. You might be spending more time in swimwear than you imagined.

Discover some helpful tips on how to maximize your clothing options without overpacking for a Bahamas cruise:

  • Bring at least two swimsuits as one may still be drying when you're ready to wear it.
  • Choose clothes within similar or complementary color families.
  • Opt for lightweight fabrics that dry quickly, such as polyester, linen, or cotton.
  • Pack thin dresses if you want to pack more clothes, such as maxi dresses.
  • Dress up a cocktail dress for theme nights with accessories.
  • Choose pool coverups that could do double duty with your dresses for dinnertime.
  • Bring lightweight pants that you could wear during the day or in the dining room.
  • Instead of pants and shorts, pack capri pants with multiple tops.
  • Kimono-style wraps are very thin and versatile. You can wear them over maxi dresses or cocktail dresses.
  • Bring a pair of walking shoes that are also stylish to wear to the main dining room in the evening.

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